[SCCC] Possible SCCC Meeting in Late September?

Richard J. Norton ae327 at lafn.org
Thu Aug 7 22:29:13 EDT 2003

I'm thinking about hosting another SCCC meeting at my Topanga QTH in September.
I'm currently thinking about Saturday, September 27th, after TRW.

There has been talk of electing a new president, and possibly expanding the
duties of the office. One suggestion was that the president's duties might
include calling a club meeting.

Another meeting topic would be to listen to parts of a wideband recording of
the CW Sprint, which will be held from 5 PM to 9 PM local time, Saturday
September 6.

I suggest that you operate some of the contest on 20 CW, in particular. You
should be able to tune a receiver here, and hear what you sounded like.

If anyone is interested in making the recording, please contact me. I have the
equipment. You should have a reasonably quiet location, and a 20 meter antenna.
You should not be interested in operating the Sprint, as the equipment does not
have the dynamic range to handle a local transmitter. It would be better if you
live near Topanga, so that we could coordinate conveniently.

You are welcome to attend the meeting even if you don't operate in the

I expect to be at the W6YA gathering on August 24th, and feel that Jim's event
will preempt any other meetings at the end of August.

Is anyone interested in attending? Are there any other suggestions for topics?


Dick Norton, N6AA
ae327 at lafn.org
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(310) 455-1138

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