[SCCC] Tennadyne T-8 and CAL-AV Antennas 4 Sale (Non Commercial Ad)

Dennis Vernacchia n6ki_73 at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 26 17:35:29 EDT 2003

I am posting this for Joe W6VNR

This is personnel inventory excess
Joe does not sell antennas or any other ham gear for a living
I have no Pecuniary interest in this matter

If I am violating site rules by listing this, I apologize and
website manager please contact me

2 nice NEW (assembled and on ground) HF Antennas

Antennas are located in Pine Cove, CA ( near Idyllwild, CA)

*   LOG periodic Antenna, Tennadyne, T8 model, 13-30mhz, w/manual, NEW 
condx    $400  (Cost $649 NEW )

*   YAGI, 30M, 2 element, CAL-AV full size, HD construction, s/s hardware,
NEW     condx, $500  ( Cost $1000 NEW )

Call Joe W6VNR at 858 278-2752 or e-mail at  w6vnr at earthlink.net

73, Dennis N6KI

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