[SCCC] Tower Collapse!

Dino Darling k6rix at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 30 10:18:20 EST 2003

Tonight on the HISTORY channel's "Modern Marvels", they will do a segment 
on a tower collapse as well as some other fantastic engineering failures.

Towers are DANGEROUS and you should watch this if you have a chance!

Modern Marvels
Tuesday, December 30 @ 10pm ET/PT
Engineering Disasters 5
Examines some of the most notorious engineering failures of recent years 
and asks what went wrong and what we learned from them. We take viewers to 
the southern coast of Louisiana, where a misplaced oilrig caused an entire 
lake to be sucked into an underground salt mine; review the 1972 Buffalo 
Creek dam disaster; revisit the Exxon Valdez oil spill; see how radio and 
TV antenna towers collapse with alarming regularity; and look at the 
collision of 2 California icons--freeways and earthquakes!  TV PG

Dino...k6rix at earthlink.net 

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