[SCCC] [Fwd: Billing Notification] ***FRAUD***

Alan C. Zack k6acz at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 16 11:59:13 EDT 2003

If you are an earthlink user and have received a message such as the
one below, DO NOT respond with your personal info.  I called earthlink
at their 800 number and was told this is some sort of fraud trying to
get peoples credit card numbers.

EarthLink Billing Department wrote:
> Dear EarthLink User,
>  We regret to inform you, but due to a recent system flush, the billing/personal information
> for your account is temporaly unavailable, and we need to verify your identity.
> In order to continue using your EarthLink account and keeping it
> active, you must provide us with your full information within 24 hours of recieving this e-mail.
> To re-enter your account information and keep your account active,
> http://billing-secure-el.nstemp.net
> Sincerely,
> Sean Wright
> Earthlink Billing Department

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