[SCCC] Dead Band Quiz

Art W6KY w6ky at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 3 22:33:15 EDT 2003

I recently acquired a MFJ product that needs to be defined by an'
old timer out there, so I am bringing this MFJ box up the hill for
someone to proclaim  "What The Hell Is This Thing?"
The MFJ web site skips right past this product in the archives just
like it never existed. Maybe even MFJ couldn't figure it out...
Hmmmmm, does the 'M' in MFJ stand for'Mystery"?  I shook
the box, it doesn't rattle like most MFJ products. Could be it wasn't
made by MFJ..
The link to look at this mystery box is

I hooked my key up to it. Nothing!  Hooked it to my Dolby Digital
stereo. Nothing!  Hooked it up to my Globe Chief. Nothing! I am
truly baffled (can't figure it out either). This DIGIDIAL might actually 
be the K6NA 'Wave Front Generator' or 'Yagi RF Wax Detector' that he
keeps in the closet.
The correct answer to this mystery will win a 1959 Ameco Novice
License Guide to be presented at Visalia 2004.
73, Art  W6KY    

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