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Paul Dorey PDOREY at vid-h2o.org
Thu Sep 4 09:27:02 EDT 2003

Coonfused about the MFJ box...but I STILL may have some idea of what the three at the bottom are about...


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Just a guess, but I'll bet its a crystal calibrator. In that case
the "Cal" pot would be used to trim the crystal oscillator
frequency in for zero beat with a known standard like WWV.

Your posting is timely as I am sitting here listening to my
Drake R-4C with its old style analog dial. It has a built-in
crystal calibrator for tweaking in the dial.

73 de Mike, W4EF................................................

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> I recently acquired a MFJ product that needs to be defined by an'
> old timer out there, so I am bringing this MFJ box up the hill for
> someone to proclaim  "What The Hell Is This Thing?"
> The MFJ web site skips right past this product in the archives just
> like it never existed. Maybe even MFJ couldn't figure it out...
> Hmmmmm, does the 'M' in MFJ stand for'Mystery"?  I shook
> the box, it doesn't rattle like most MFJ products. Could be it wasn't
> made by MFJ..
> The link to look at this mystery box is
> http://w6ky.com/mfj/digidial.htm
> I hooked my key up to it. Nothing!  Hooked it to my Dolby Digital
> stereo. Nothing!  Hooked it up to my Globe Chief. Nothing! I am
> truly baffled (can't figure it out either). This DIGIDIAL might actually
> be the K6NA 'Wave Front Generator' or 'Yagi RF Wax Detector' that he
> keeps in the closet.
> The correct answer to this mystery will win a 1959 Ameco Novice
> License Guide to be presented at Visalia 2004.
> 73, Art  W6KY
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