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Michael Tope W4EF at dellroy.com
Sat May 8 11:20:01 EDT 2004

Great way to get a Sprint fix between the main events.

Mike, W4EF...................................

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>                    16th INTERNET CW SPRINT CONTEST
> Contest period: 8 May 2004.  2200 UTC for two hours.
> Bands:  20 / 40 meters CW (this is a real radio contest, no internet).
>         Suggested frequencies are 030-050.
> Max power output: 150 watts at transmitter output connector.
> Exchange: Consecutive QSO number (starting with one), name and state
>           or province or DXCC country (if outside W/VE).  The name for
>           the first QSO is your name.  For every QSO afterwards, the name
>           you send is the name you received in the previous QSO.
> Call: CQ INT
> The standard sprint QSY rule must be followed.  This means that if you
> solict a QSO (i.e., with CQ or QRZ), after completing the QSO, you must
> QSY at least 1 kHz before calling another station, or 5 kHz before
> solicting another QSO.
> Both callsigns must be sent during the exchange.  Only one signal at a
> time please and all QSOs are to take place on CW.  All information
> submitted must have been decoded during the contest.  The use of post
> contest detection or verification techniques or systems is not allowed.
> Also, do not make round robin type QSOs.  It will be very easy to spot
> these with the names floating around.  A round robin QSO is one where
> you should QSY, but instead hang around to work the station who is
> QSOing the station you gave the frequency to.
> You may work the same station multiple times provided they are separated
> by at least 3 other QSOs in both logs (regardless of band).  For example,
> if K2MM works K7RAT, K2MM must work at least 3 other stations before he
> can work K7RAT again.  K7RAT must also work 3 stations before working K2MM
> again.  Changing bands does not eliminate the three QSO requirement.
> The three QSOs must not be dupes themselves.
> You must not work the same station or stations using any kind of schedule
> or system.  It is the intent of the dupe rule to make sure we don't run
> of stations to work.  It is NOT the intent of this rule for you to change
> how you would operate the contest if dupes were not allowed.  If, in the
> checkers opinion, you have not lived up to the intent of this rule, your
> log will be disqualified!!
> Total score is the number of contacts you make.  Any QSO found to be
> defective will be removed from both logs.  (Yes, if someone miscopies your
> exchange, you won't get credit for the QSO.)
> Any QSO that can't be verified with the other log will be removed.  This
> means if you work someone who doesn't send in their log, you will not get
> credit for the QSO.  It also means that if you work someone and don't send
> in your log, you won't have helped them at all, you'll have just wasted
> their time.
> Please refrain from using vulgar or inappropriate names.  If you receive
> one of these names, feel free to either edit it or replace it with your
> starting name.  Make sure to make a note in your log so we know what you
> did.  Injecting the contest with an inappropriate name (in the log
> opinion) will result in a 1000 point penalty per occurrence.  Examples of
> inappropriate names may be found on MTV and generally start with the
> letter "B".  Also, only one person is allowed to use the name Monica.
> Logs must be sent in ASCII format via internet in the NCJ Sprint Cabrillo
> format to intspr at kkn.net.  Please indicate the first name you used in
> the contest as a soapbox comment.
> Results will be publised on CQ-CONTEST within a few weeks of the contest.
> Logs are checked using the K2MM LogZap software system.  All checked logs
> will be made available by FTP except for those requested by the submitter
> be kept private.  Decisions of the judging committe are final and
> The log submission deadline is 48 hours after the contest is over.
> Good luck, tell a friend and HAVE FUN!!
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