[SCCC] Free HM-354 Tower with Tilt Fixture ( Vista, CA )!

Dennis Vernacchia n6ki_73 at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 18 04:27:52 EDT 2005

I have no pecuniary interest in this matter

Here is another FREE tower just like the last HM-354 I listed a month ago
but this one has the tilt fixture which would make 
it a lot easier to take down I expect.

This info was provided by WA6MHZ Pat San Diego area
( WA6MHZ at arrl.org)

I have not seen the tower but it is inland in Vista all it's life so 
I expect it to be in good condx as things don't  rust up very fast in Vista

Unfortunately I live too far away from it to inspect it.

73, Dennis N6KI

--------- Forwarded Message ----------
I received a message from the daughter of K6ROR, of Vista, a silent 
and past member of the Palomar club.  They are selling the house and 
want to dispose of the beautiful Crank up tower on the lot. OH, if 
ONLY I had a way to get it myself, but it won't fit in the Town Car 
This requires taking it down, an easy task for those who know how.  
So, will someone contact Gracie and help her out! 
Here is the message I rcvd:
Dear Patrick (WA6MHZ),
I have been referred to you by Chuck Skolaut (K0BOG) at the main 
office in Connecticut.  He stated that you are the ARRL Section 
Manager for my area.  Perhaps you can help with the following?
My father was a Ham Radio enthusiast until his death in 1987.  Before 
that time he ordered and had installed the above mentioned Tilt-Over 
Tower at our home.
Now, the home is up for sale and we wanted to know whether you (or 
someone else) could help with our question.
Do you know of anyone in your community (as in Ham Radio or 
otherwise) that would be able to dissemble and remove this tower?  
The location of the tower is below as well as additional information 
regarding the tower itself.  (We have the original plans should they 
prove useful).
And, for whatever it's worth, our father was involved with the 
Palomar Club.  He even had a separate phone line in our garage for 
any emergencies.
Phil Schutze (K6ROR/N0YQK)
2333 Maelee Drive
Vista, CA  92084
Model no: HM-354, dated Dec 1964
Tilt-Over Base
Ref Dwg # 100-1044
Model 6840 Winch
Model 6850 Winch
Original Address of Tower Manuf:
Tri-Ex Tower Corp
Contact: John Hultquist, W6QMC
127 E. Inyo Street
Tulare, CA  
Thank you again for your time and Best Regards,
Ms. Gracie Schutze
Home: 619-563-6045
San Diego, CA 92116
Email: graciola at aol.com

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