[SCCC] Estate sale in Yuma, AZ

David Hachadorian k6ll at adelphia.net
Thu Mar 16 16:05:40 EST 2006

Equipment in this estate sale is selling at a brisk clip. A
current list is at www.K6LL.com

However, I see that I am going to have trouble selling
locally two large items that are really not economical to
ship commercially. In order to broaden the market to
Southern California, I would like to offer some incentives.
Here are the two items:

Item # 1 (updated 3/5/06)
Tower Package
US Tower TX-455 55' crankup tower. Only a few years old. New
price $1900 + high shipping
US Tower TRX-80 Raising fixture New price $500 + high
Cushcraft A-4S Tribander. New price $550
Cushcraft A-744 40 meter add-on kit. New price $180.
Diamond X-300 144/440 base station antenna. New price $140
Cushcraft AR-270 Dual band Ringo base station antenna
Heath HD-1481 remote coax switch, 4 position. (not sure
outside part is up there)
Alliance HD-73 Rotator
Waterproof coax entrance panel for house.
Entire package, including coax and control cables $1450

Item # 17
Tarheel Screwdriver Antenna, with mount and support bracket
for receiver hitch. Model 100, continuous coverage 3.4 - 29
MHz, 1500 watts PEP. Hefty stuff, good for a pickup, van, or
stealth antenna in your backyard.


Now here is the SOCAL incentive:

I will deduct the cost of your renting a 26' U-Haul truck
one way from Yuma to San Diego. ($161)

I will knock $100 off the screwdriver antenna. You should be
able to turn a rapid profit on a resale, or keep it for

I will round up a local Yuma crew to help you disassemble
the antennas and load everything on the truck.

Bottom line is that you get the tower package, the truck
rental, the Yuma crew, and the screwdriver for $1525.

Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
Yuma, AZ


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