[SCCC] TS-940S Filters

Dennis Younker NE6I ne6i at cox.net
Thu Mar 23 00:27:59 EST 2006

Thanks to all those that responded about TS-940S repairs.

New question.

When installing CW filters in the 940, does one have to have both the 8.83 
MHz and 455 kHz filters, or can just one of the two be installed?  The 
manual certainly doesn't say anything about this so I assume I could install 
just one of the two.

I purchased a 455 kHz filter on eBay.  It's a Fox Tango 400 kHz filter 
(455H400A).  I think Fox Tango was bought out by Inrad, correct?

At any rate, the filter has four pin connectors and the TS-940S has five pin 
connectors.  I tried a few combinations but could not get it to work

Any hints would be appreciated.

--Dennis, NE6I

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