JOHN SCHROEDER n6qq at msn.com
Tue Mar 28 06:00:14 EST 2006

                    CQWW WPX Contest, SSB

Call: N6QQ
Operator(s): N6QQ
Station: N6QQ

Class: SO(A)AB HP
QTH: Cerritos, Ca
Operating Time (hrs):  22.2

Band  QSOs
  160:    5
   80:   33
   40:   38
   20:  491
   15:  447
   10:   74
Total: 1088  Prefixes = 589  Total Score = 1,398,286

Club: Southern California Contest Club


A first, over 1,000 Q's.

Sat. morning - a good opening to Eu. on 20 -- (For 4 hours anyway) - Many strong signals.
AP5A lasted about 45 minutes.  EK0B lasted about 30 minutes.

Sun. morning - opening to Eu. lasted about 3 hours. Signals down about 2 S units from Sat.

15 meters Sat. morning netted 55 Eu stations. (Sunday 15 stations)  Good opening to JA's on Sat.   Sunday - only 15 JA's.
Good opening to ZL -- VK around 0200.

Calling CQ on 15 meters  --Sunday for stateside - got over 75 Prefixes.  At times reaching 5 Q's per minute.
Makes you wonder, if I had worked more stateside on Sat., how many more prefixes I would haved worked.

10 meters - Usual mix of South American, KH7X was very strong at times.  ZL2AMI - seem to work him almost every contest on 10.

Inverted V - must do something about 40, 80.  One nice thing about the WPX contest - these bands do not add much to your score.

Worked TI5N with his 5 watts on 4 bands.

3 of the OH stations - where heard most of the day on 20 meters.

Worked over 15 China stations. 

First  contest for the Alpha 87A.  Sure made things easy to change bands - EXCEPT - got to watch the SteppIR - those 10-15 seconds
to change bands - seem to last for forever.

Had a small problem with the Alpha - every time I transmitted - a spike would hit the Alpha - power level would go to 1700 watts
 - taking the Amp off line at times.  I am using an FT-1000mp.  The spike would hit before the voice started.

Talk with a few locals on my street - none of them had any complains about RFI -- TVI.  They did notice that antenna was higher
on the weekends.  Maybe, keeping the antenna at 40 feet during the week, will keep the city folks away for a while.

Over all, a plus vote for the SteppIR 4 el beam.

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John Schroeder
Cerritos, Ca.

n6qq at msn.com<mailto:n6qq at msn.com>

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