[SCCC] NS Ladder Wk 4

Bill Haddon - n6zfo hounds1234 at comcast.net
Wed Apr 4 23:49:16 EDT 2007

This week it's the NCCC Sprint Ladder Wk 4.  

Participation rose to new heights in Wk 3, with at least 30 stations taking 
part.   For a great summary, see Scot's NS Blog, with this weeks subject  
"Inside the NCCC Sprint Grid" at 


Recall we're back to the old familiar exchange:  #, NAME, QTH

Rules for NS Ladder, and results through Wk 3 are, or will shortly be,  at 

Time: Friday 0230-0300Z 20-160m CW (Thursday night US).

Questions and comments as usual, to N6ZFO.  NS ladder is a fun, quick and very 
educational half hour of mid-week contesting,  and a great opportunity to 
practice or learn SO2R skills, test a new antenna, or just say hi to your 

73 Bill n6zfo/6

NS Ladder:  K4BAI, N3BB, K3STX  -- the  NS Ladder board, N6RO, W0YK and N6ZFO, 
the organizers, and N4AF our special consultant.

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