Prasad vu2ptt at gmail.com
Tue Apr 15 05:19:17 EDT 2008

                   JIDX CW Contest

Call: VU2PTT
Operator(s): VU2PTT
Station: VU2PTT

Class: SOAB HP
QTH: Bangalore MK82tx
Operating Time (hrs): 7

 Band  QSOs  Mults
 160:    0     0
  80:    0     0
  40:    3     3
  20:   93    35
  15:  119    34
  10:    6     5
Total:  221    77  Total Score = 17,479

Club: SCCC - DX Member


Another part time effort in JIDX but atleast this year I could call CQ
for some time. I am glad I did much better than before. Sorry to the
many who called me and did not get a reply. This weekend was a lot of
stop and start because of family commitments. Sometimes I had to run
away in the middle of a good QSO. Thanks to all who called and hope to
see you all next year. Where are all the JA stations on 10m? I had 6
QSOs on 10m and the signals were very good, should have heard many
more!!! JA6WIF was a real S9 on the meter and the other JAs also were
quite strong.

73 de Prasad VU2PTT, W2PTT (ex-AF6DV)

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