[SCCC] West Coast Regional Radio Team Championship

John Barcroft k6am at arrl.net
Wed Apr 23 01:16:07 EDT 2008

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After some discussions with President Norton, we have
come up with a fun contest for the SCCC to sponsor. (see below)

Before we announce it to the world, you have a chance to comment
and possibly suggest ways to make it even better.

Some things we would like to know are:

Should the SCCC be the sponsor?
Would you enter this contest?
Would you allow someone to enter from your station?
Are the rules fair considering the purpose of the contest?

If you have comments, send them today.  I would like to
finalize the rules on Thursday.


John, K6AM


1200z July 12 - 1200z July 13, 2008

Sponsored by The Southern California Contest Club (SCCC)

The SCCC invites all amateurs in the 6th and 7th call areas to compete in
this WRTC style competition to take place concurrently with the 2008 IARU HF

Rules are patterned after the official WRTC rules.  Teams of two may operate
from any station in the region whose capabilities do not exceed the maximum
criteria set forth in the rules.

While this contest will not be used by the WRTC committee to select WRTC
contestants, you may submit your IARU score to ARRL so it may be credited
toward WRTC qualifying points.

It is the perfect opportunity for contesters to enjoy the WRTC experience
without having to qualify to be on a team.  WRTC contenders will want to try
out their equipment and strategies in preparation for the main event in
Moscow in 2010.

Contestants must follow all rules of the IARU HF Championships that apply to
a multi-single mixed high power entry with the following special conditions:

1.  No more than two operators total.

2.  No more than two radios allowed.  Either may transmit, but only one
transmitted signal is allowed at a time.  Sub-receivers may not be used.

3.  The station must be located in the W6 or W7 call area.  The location can
be no more than 20 feet above the average terrain elevation within 500 feet
of any antenna.  Exceptions will be considered if it is clear that there is
no unfair height advantage.  Contestants may operate from any station that
meets these criteria, be it their own or someone else's.  SCCC will not
assign stations to entrants.

4.  Antennas used during the contest are limited to one tribander, one
single element 40 and one single element 80 meter antenna, all no more than
60 feet high.

5.  The use of packet or telnet spotting networks is not allowed.

6.  The use of "super check partial" or similar callsign databases is not


Contacts with other US/VE stations count 2 points.

Contacts with other NA stations count 3 points.

Contacts with stations on other continents count 5 points.

Multipliers are DXCC entities and IARU HQ stations.

Your final score equals the total mults times QSO points.

Even though scoring in this contest is different, there is no conflict with
the IARU contest rules.  Logs may also be submitted to the ARRL for entry
into the IARU contest in the multi-single category.


E-mail logs in Cabrillo format to k6am at arrl dot net within 24 hours after
the end of the contest.  Results will be announced immediately based on
claimed scores.


To be eligible for an award, contestants must submit their logs to the ARRL
as an entry in the IARU HF Championships.  They must then submit copies of
their log checking report (LCR) to K6AM within one week of its release by
the ARRL.  All QSO's removed and all penalities assessed in the LCR will
apply to this contest to arrive at the final scores.  Only scores used to
determine the top three places will be adjusted.

A plaque will be awarded to the first place winner.  Second and third place
winners will receive a certificate.  Awards will be presented at the Visalia
International DX Convention

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