Vic Sadesky vsadesky at ccis.com
Sun Jul 19 10:45:18 PDT 2009



Station:        KI6VC

Call:            KI6VC

OP:             HIMSELF

Category:    SINGLE-OP LP

Exchange:   VIC CA

Security:     Meko & Sparky    

Op Time:    8.5 Hours

Team:        SCCC #2

Equip:       756 PROIII, F12  C4SXL @ 50 ft,  Shunt loaded tower for 80M

                 Software- miLog 


          Qs      Mult

80       34       10

40     106       35

20     135       44

15         1         1

10 _________________ 

          276       90      Claimed Score 24,840




I'll say it again.Got to love a contest where 100 watts and tri-bander rules. 

Now, let the pissing/moaning begin!


Things started off slow then got slower!  I never could get any good rate #s on 20 only short flurries. 

Not until I moved to 40 and the last half hour on 80 did the numbers pick up.  

Heard only one station on 15 and nada on 10.  


Ok I'll go first  "Propagation Sucked STILL" SF was only 66.  Of course when I see other score 

postings I'll know it's only bad in Cal City!   For the past several years it's been bad and 

we keep saying ".but next year will be better" HA! Wishful wishing!  Maybe Algore can do 

something.  My goal was to double last years Q count but next year will be better.  Despite this, band

activity was good and things moved along just fast enough for me to keep at it. Kudos to the guy who

invented the Auto CQer!


It was HOTHOTHOT. The weather that is.  "How hot was it?" you ask.  At my 1:30 break it was 

too hot to for a dip in the pool!!  Had to wait until 4PM for it to cool down to 112.  The dogs made 

an extra effort to guard the fans by laying in front of them all day. They didn't even bark at 

Osama bin Bunny or the cats.  That's hot!


Thanks to the cheerleaders out there. The help is appreciated.  Thanks to those who hung with me during

the equipment malfunctions/lockups/glitchs,  AND my fat-fingers. 


See ya'll on the CW weekend cuz propagation will be better!

73 ALL

Vic Sadesky KI6VC
Cal City 
"Our doubts are traitors,
And make us lose the good 
we oft might win
By fearing to attempt."
                  William Shakespeare
"Get'er Done"
                  The Cable Guy

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