[SCCC] Bye-Bye Rubber Duckie? (Art Goddard)

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Sat Sep 4 18:24:06 PDT 2010


Interesting Antenna Idea... but we here in water challenged CA would be put 
on whatever various limits of water conservation thus causing some to have 
'lessor' antenna abilities  than our water rich friends back east....there 
we go again the suffering Six's maladies continue....

 If you are a BIG Gun 160m op (and of course could prove to CA Div of Water 
Resources that over 90% of you radio time was spent there, then a 10% Radio 
Antenna Conservation Cutback Allowance (RACCA - those 'crats' love those 
acronyms ) would have to be accordingly reduced by 10% or .9 x 1/4 
wavelength.... Further, you would only be able to transmit OR listen on MWF 
if your FCC address ends in an even number and the alternate days (TThSat) 
are for odd numbered hams.   Sundays are reserved only for Zoni's as they 
can get by with so little water that only 2 meters would satisfy them while 
visiting CA on SUNDAYs only. Oh did I mention that even though you are 
allowed the 3 operating days, you can only operate in 10 'spurts' with off 
times of 50 minutes before you can restart within a maximum of FOUR 
hours.... AND only from 18:00 PST to 10:00  PST.  If you mechanically 
connect all this to one of those farm tractor sprinklers thingees we used to 
have when we were kids, your travelling antenna may be able to give you 
double duty (use of fresh water only though unless you WANT a salt marsh in 
your front yard.

The possibilities might be endless as you might work with your neighbors on 
either side and phase sprinklers to get better directivity. NCCC crew is 
working up the rules for the upcoming NA "SPiT" and should be out on one of 
the reflectors soon I am sure.

Paul E. Dorey,  WN6K

"Most of us wonder if our lives can make any difference. Marines don't have 
that problem."
 Ronald Reagan

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> Q: Why has N6TJ ordered 12 sacks of rock salt?
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