[SCCC] Sprint CW team members needed

Art - W6KY w6ky at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 4 21:51:18 PDT 2010

Put me down for team ' last '.
Bean practicing on the NCCC Ladder
and get worse each week. I should
be totally dysfunctional for the real
Sprint.... Thinking of trying it with a
Big Chief notebook paper log and a 
straight key.
To date, my best Sprint was my
first, 20 years ago. Then it was 
explained to me how hard a Sprint 
was and it's bean downhill ever since....
73, Art  W6KY

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From: Doug Brandon N6RT <n6rt at dabware.com>
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Subject: [SCCC] Sprint CW team members needed

The CW Sprint is coming up fast!  Please email me to get on a SCCC 
team for next Saturdays contest.

    73 de Doug, N6RT

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