[SCCC] FW: Tentative VY0JA operation from Alert, NU.

Ed Muns w0yk at msn.com
Sat Sep 11 10:20:42 PDT 2010

FYI ...


From: J. Parke Allen [mailto:vy1ja at live.ca] 
Sent: Saturday, 11 September, 2010 15:13
To: 'J. Edward (Ed) Muns'; 'Ken Claerbout'
Subject: Tentative VY0JA operation from Alert, NU.

Hello, my contesting friends.


My employer contacted me yesterday and is booking flight for me up to the
High Arctic for a month,  which just happens to include SSCW.  

Period:                 October 6 to November 10.  (Station setup and
removal are expected on the weekends during this timeframe.)

Callsign:                VY0JA

Operator:            VY1JA

Power:                 100 W or less depending on interference with site

Antennas:           some kind of lightweight, small wire antenna or vertical
(which I need to make up) . 


Please expect rusty CW with a hand key.  There is no computer access in the
ham station.  Anyone with questions may contact me by my normal callsign at
live dot ca.  


Testing the VY0JA gear and antenna is expected from VY1JA during CQP.  Watch
for a weak VY1JA in the CQP pileups.  This may help everyone estimate the
signal levels they are likely to see from VY0JA in SSCW.


No promises, but it does look fairly firm. 


"J", VY1JA 




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