[SCCC] Last Chance for Local San Diego Delivery of 2.4 Inch Mix 31 Toroids

Dennis Vernacchia n6ki73 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 13 00:06:46 PDT 2010

Here's the info one more time

Get your payment to Marty ASAP ( I suggest PayPal )
and pick up the Toroids at the ARRL Convention here in SD this weekend

as he can only deliver them at convention due to restrictions !

Here is the Info 1 more time

First of all let me mention that some good articles can be found on the
internet for
solving RFI problems or winding your own Baluns using large Toroids

One good article is here - written by Jim K9YC


and many more RF and Audfio articles on his website


 For those of you who missed the most recent buy or 2.4 inch Diameter
MIX 31 Toroids which are great for use for RFI problems and winding HF
Baluns, you can
place an order with Marty N6VI and he will deliver them at ARRL Convention
Sept 17 - 19 in San Diego

The toroids usually cost from $12.50 to $15 each depending on sources
and you can buy them from Marty for $4.50 each !
*Contact Marty Wohl N6VI at  *n6vi at socal.rr.com*
to place an order or more info

If you have ham friends out of town who will not attend the convention,
send them the order info and pick the Toroids up for them and ship
them to them USPS Priority mail and they will still SAVE quite a bit
even when the postage is amortized into the total price !

Payment to Marty will be by Check or Money order by Snail Mail or PayPal is

*(* *NOTE: The Toroids will NOT be sold at the convention - just delivered
per your order. ) *

*If you use PayPal - follow these payment instructions:*

*In order that Marty N6VI gets full cash amount when you pay him using

Use    *n6vi at socal.rr.com*    address to make PayPal payment to

When you click on  * "Send Money"*

be sure to click on the *"PERSONAL"* Tab in next instruction

and then select  *"PAYMENT OWED" *

*Otherwise PayPal may deduct a fee from the payment to Marty !*

*Also,.... be sure you are having the money
debited from your bank checking or savings account
and not being paid using your CREDIT CARD.....
as Marty is NOT set up to receive Credit Card payments !*

*I have no pecuniary interest in this matter and I do not believe Marty is
making any money - just providing a service of getting us a GREAT deal
on the Toroids and I think Jim Brown K9YC **also provides a great service
by making available his wealth of knowledge in the many articles he has
written and shares over the internet.

73, Dennis N6KI*
*San Diego*

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