[SCCC] Contributions to help Eduardo CO8LY rebuild home and ham station

HL Serra hlserra at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 13:57:50 EST 2012

I spoke with OFAC (US Treasury, Office of Foreign Asset Control, enforcing
US embargoes) attorney Peter Chissic yesterday. Under the Cuban embargo
regulations we are allowed to send $500/qtr to DXer and contester Eduardo
CO8LY to help him rebuild his station, antennas and home which were badly
damaged when Hurricane Sandy recently passed over his QTH in Santiago de

The funds must be transmitted through a registered Remittance Transferrer.
I have the approved list and have called one in Los Angles but haven't
heard back yet. There are hundreds of these Remittance Transferrers in
Miami, so we can secure one easily.

If you are interested in sending some dough to Eduardo CO8LY, please
respond to me and we will get the funds together to transfer. So far Joe
W6VNR, Dennis N6KI, Art K6XT and Larry N6NC (me) are in. Let me know if you
want to contribute.

Cheers, and 73,

Larry N6NC

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