[SCCC] Equipment for Sale from W6KTE

Dennis Vernacchia n6ki73 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 00:37:08 PST 2012

*The following equipment is for sale by Richard W6KTE in Vista

**Richard has just about lost all his hearing and a non ham neighbor (
Dennis Stizza)  is helping him
liquidate his amateur gear per Richard's request.

I stopped by and viewed the gear and it appears to be in good condition but
I only* *
verified that the FT-1000D Xcvr was functional.

It would be advisable to bring any measurement devices needed to verify
proper operation
of the other XCVR and AMPs as Richard took down antennas and has
no power meter or dummy load on site that I could see.
( I am willing to help check out  the gear if you need Power meter/Dummy
load etc )

Prices are asking and reasonable offers will be considered*
*(I have no pecuniary interest in this matter.*)

*YAESU FT-1000D* *Serial Number 2H240051 ( 1992 ) - Asking $2000
This Xcvr appears to have no optional filters but the 2400 kHz filter
455kHz I.F. appears to have been upgraded

Kenwood TS-950SD - Did not test - case top cover has slight discoloration
in one front corner - Asking $2000
( I informed neighbor that this not being a TS-950SDX is not wort $2000 and
others selling at swap sites
were fetching $1200 on average.)

Ten-Tec Titan Amplifier - asking $2000 ( reduced from $2500 ) - Uses 3CX800
tubes as I recall - I  did not test )

Ten-Tec Centurion Amplifier - Asking $1500 ( uses 3-500 tubes - 1300W
Output Rated - I did not test )

Simpson 260 Analog Meter ( Still a very useful analog meter - I still own
and use one )

Remote Driven Coax Switch - Asking $100

Please contact Dennis Stizza ( Richard's neighbor) for an updated and
complete list
and to verify the prices


*Dennis S. Stizza
Home:  760.724.2786
Mobile: 760.717.2214
dstizza at pacbell.net*



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