Jeff Hall w6ux at ymail.com
Sun Feb 12 17:42:08 PST 2012

                    CQ WW RTTY WPX Contest

Call: W6UX
Operator(s): W6UX
Station: W6UX

Class: SOAB LP
QTH: Irvine, CA
Operating Time (hrs): 24.5

Band  QSOs
   20:  285
   15:  237
   10:   76
Total:  849  Prefixes = 385  Total Score = 555,555

Club: Southern California Contest Club


Rig: Elecraft K3/100 watts
Antenna: Traffie Hex Beam @ 40'
Digital Interface: microHam MicroKeyer II
Software: N1MM

Friday afternoon concentrated on working JAs, then NA until about 7pm PST when
I stopped hearing signals on 20.  The band was open, but most had went down to
40, I suspect.

Got on Saturday morning at 6:30am PST.  Abundant signals from Europe and NA
throughout the morning.  Worked NA mid-morning to early afternoon.  Then
switched back to JAs and South American stations.  Worked until 7pm PST.

Was active Sunday from 6:30am until the end of the contest.  This was the best
day of contesting, as all high bands were open to Europe simultaneously.  Most
of my time was spend on 15 and 20 today, with some operating on 10.  Without
spotting assistance, I had to guess where to focus.  And most of the signals I
was hearing was on 15 (both DX and NA).  A mix of search and pounce and running
a frequency.  Had to S&P to get extra mults.

Was absolutely amazed that Argentina was calling ME while I was working JAs on
15.  I worked them off the back!  Many, many QSOs were made off the sides of my
Hex Beam.  So it's almost an omni-directional antenna, but with significant
front-to back gain.

Lost several minutes each time I switched bands looking for a place to park. 
Had to narrow my filters down to 200 Hz at times to keep adjacent signals from
attenuating my receiver.  I'm seriously considering investing in an Elecraft
Pan adapter to help me find the vacant frequencies faster.

Most frustrating aspect: I have a problem on 10 meters @ 100 watts (current
consumption rises too high).  Backing it off to 90 watts eliminates the
problem.  I may need to re-calibrate my K3, or see if there is an issue with
the Rig Runner and voltage drop.  I'll consult the K3 reflector for help on
this matter.

Highlight of the contest: 9N1II (Nepal) called **ME** on 20 meters -- that's a
new one!  The hex beam and 100 watts works fine business!

For next year, hopefully will have a vertical for 40 meters.

73 de Jeff, W6UX

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