Bill Shell n6ws at n6ws.com
Mon Feb 20 09:07:27 PST 2012


Here is a list of your 80m spots for the weekend.

   3527.0  VP9/W6PH    19-Feb-2012 1055Z <N3IQ>
   3554.0  VP9/W6PH    19-Feb-2012 0558Z <K0JPL>
   3541.4  VP9/W6PH    19-Feb-2012 0348Z  still here <ND2W>
   3541.3  VP9/W6PH    19-Feb-2012 0331Z <N1IW>
   3541.3  VP9/W6PH    19-Feb-2012 0324Z <K9MMS>
   3553.2  VP9/W6PH    19-Feb-2012 0246Z <NJ1F>
   3553.2  VP9/W6PH    19-Feb-2012 0243Z <N8RA>
   3545.7  VP9/W6PH    19-Feb-2012 0121Z <W1QA>
   3545.7  VP9/W6PH    19-Feb-2012 0118Z <NF1O>
   3545.7  VP9/W6PH    19-Feb-2012 0117Z <K1TR>
   3526.0  VP9/W6PH    18-Feb-2012 0949Z <NQ2F>
   3526.0  VP9/W6PH    18-Feb-2012 0943Z <WA4PGM>
   3520.8  VP9/W6PH    18-Feb-2012 0909Z <W2PV>
   3533.1  VP9/W6PH    18-Feb-2012 0757Z <N2VV>

I worked almost all of my 80m DX in the Caribbean, CT3, EA, EA8, & CN 
the first night between 0600-0700Z.  40m was really hot to EU during the 
0700-0800Z period of the first night, so it looks like I missed you with 
my short 80m operating period.  My second night, I was on 80m during a 
period you were spotted at 0558Z, but I'm not sure why I didn't work 
you.  I don't remember trying.  Maybe the pileup was too big, or...

I will definitely try to find you on all six bands during the phone 

73, Bill

On 02/20/2012 04:40 AM, W6ph at aol.com wrote:
> A quick note about 160/80.
> 160 was noisy for me this year.  But the big signals from the west  coast
> were N6SS, N6VR (very robust), W6OAR, and W4EF.  I was using an  outboard
> Chinese keyboard in front of my Dell D610 laptop.  I had to  disconnect it on
> 160 because of RF causing the computer to choke up and I had  reach across it
> to the keys on the laptop with wires in the way.  A real  PITA.  The
> operating table is 4 feet wide and 2 feet deep, not a lot of  room.
> I could only get 50 watts to the antenna on 80m because I couldn't get the
> SWR below 2.5 to 1 with the Z-100 tuner and the IC-7000 folds back on
> anything  over 1.5.  I haven't had this issue in past visits and I'm using the
> same  antennas.  Without the Z-100 the SWR is 3 to 1.  But I got through to  a
> few west coast guys, notably K6NA very early.
> Despite these issues I had about 400 contacts on both bands.
> On other bands big signals from N6QQ, K6NA, N6WIN, N6ED, W6TK, and a couple
>   others that I don't remember off hand.  Surprisingly W6YI wasn't one of
> them and usually is.  I suspect that Dan's antennas were pointed in another
> direction.
> 10m was a big surprise on Sunday and I worked across the US except for the
> southeast.  The only 4's that I worked were the big stations (NQ4I,  etc).
> On Saturday I only stayed on 10m to pick up a few multipliers  because I
> couldn't get anything going.
> My money bands were 40 and 20 with 1200 contacts on each band.
> I just turned 70 so I'm not sure how much longer I can do 40 hour
> operations.  But it is still a great rush.  Some day I will figure out  why we get
> so much pleasure out of sitting in front of a radio for 48  hours.  An
> incurably chronic syndrome I suppose or is it the instinctive  competitiveness we
> have?
>                                               73, Kurt, W6PH (dba VP9/W6PH)
> N6WIN will be partnered with me for SSB.  I'm sure it will bring some
> humility to him with 100 watts and antennas no higher than 25 feet.
> The pileups were bigger than I have ever experienced in the past.
> Probably a combination of more stations active, internet spots, and good
> propagation.
> 4400 contacts
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