rick darwicki n6pe at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 20 16:31:24 PST 2012

Used the contest to test run the Alpha 76CA I just converted to an Alpha 78 with QSK and grid over current protection.
Made one or two Qs on the low bands as a test and popped in and out on 10 meters a few hours here and there.

Ten was pretty good but not a lot of EU when I was on. Went to a vertical at one point because JA, VK, PJ, CE, ZS, and EA were all coming in at the same time hi hi 

The grid current board I made worked great !! Tuning the vertical, the current went over 100 ma and tripped the keying for 5 secs as planned.

Heard a lot of SCCC members and submitted my log into the mix as 10 meters only;

147 Qs    58 mults    Score : 25,578  assuming N1MM logger counted things correctly.

Now that the Alpha has proven itself, I have an AL-80B with QSK and grid protection for sale, $1200 OBO pick up only.
It also has jacks for a SteppIR tuning relay.

Rick, N6PE


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