[SCCC] Any Collins Mechanical Filter experts Out There ?

Dennis Vernacchia n6ki73 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 20:41:01 PST 2012

*I apologize for off topic post but thought maybe one of youse
old timers in DX or Contest Clubs might have some knowledge to I.D. what
the Specs would be for
a Never Used ( NOS )  Collins Mechanical Filter I came across while
cleaning out the electronics JunQue in my garage*

*Collins Mechanical Filter -  F 455 Y 160 7036 (526 9343 00).*

*Anyone know what bandwidth the filter is
( I am sure it's a 455 kHz I.F. filter from the other numbers
and maybe it's a narrow CW 160 Hz filter and 7043 is probably a date code
Week 36 of 1970)

Not sure what the other numbers** (526 9343 00)*  *may be unless some sort
of MFR Code

73, Dennis N6KI*

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