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Leigh S. Jones, KR6X kr6x at kr6x.com
Thu Feb 23 22:01:10 PST 2012

Looking closer at the pictures, I see something unexpected. There's someone in a bucket being lifted, presumably to repair antennas!  They seem to be holding the tip of an antenna... A tribander.

These are big files, I don't think they will fit into some in-boxes.  I'm going to have to put them onto my web server for download...

Congrats on the excellent contest results!

Leigh S. Jones

On Feb 22, 2012, at 10:37, W6ph at aol.com wrote:

> To all:
> I am Dr. C.W. Morse, currently the Director of BM Addictions and  
> Behavioral Modification at the Ditmore Clinic. I am making this “DISPATCH” on  
> behalf of one of your members, Dave W1CTN.  
> Further reference  to W1CTN will be made using his name. 
> Dave is currently a patient  of ours here at Ditmore and he is a Band Map 
> Junkie. 
> Ditmore  treats a wide range of addictions, but we are the only one that 
> treats people  with chronic and acute “Band Map Addiction”, also known as 
> BMA.  
> His XYL had him committed…or shall I say admitted, Sunday night  after the 
> recent ARRL CW contest. May I ask how hard is it to call a wife a wife  and 
> not XYL?  These abbreviations torment many of our patients here at  Ditmore. 
> While the attendants were removing Dave’s restraints,  administrating a 
> sedative and transferring him to one of our private rooms with  plush 
> upholstered walls, I had my initial patient discussion with Dave’s  wife/XYL.  
> She reported about him babbling incoherently about  needing another “
> cluster spot” to work and that it better not be “busted”.   She was very 
> concerned as Dave was becoming quite aggravated and was raving  about “how hard is 
> to post a correct call sign!”,  “there is a 9A1A and a  9A1AA”,  “who cares 
> if the E21 is deaf”, “what nitwit sends 3NN for power  in an exchange”, “
> stop calling on top of the exchange”, etc, etc.   
> She also told me that if she just appears to be mildly interested  in his “
> radio ramblings” that Dave will calm down and go back to his radio  station 
> in the basement. 
> What prompted her to contact us was her  observation of the following: 
> After the contest Dave became very  upset of someone who accused his friend 
> W1JQ of having “key clicks” and how he  would “fix that bast@$d” if he 
> ever again said W1JQ had a bad signal. He called  the unknown accuser of being 
> a “frequency thief” and a thief deserved what he  got!
> At this time Dave’s wife decided she had enough of his  addiction and 
> placed a call to the Ditmore. Our fine gentlemen, wearing their  exquisite white 
> coats, promptly picked him up for transportation and treatment  at the 
> Ditmore. Dave is presently in the BMA isolation wing of our facility.  
> Ju

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