Paul E.Dorey wn6k at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jun 18 09:37:21 PDT 2012

                    All Asian DX Contest, CW

Call: WN6K
Operator(s): WN6K
Station: WN6K

Class: SOAB HP
QTH: Vista, CA
Operating Time (hrs): 24:44

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:    0     0
   80:    0     0
   40:  273    85
   20:  407   103
   15:  190    69
   10:    0     0
Total:  870   257  Total Score = 223,590

Club: Southern California Contest Club


allasia 2012

XYL: Don't they know this weekend is Father's Day when they plan these
Me: (Sheepishly and with great caution) er no dear, it's just one of
those Hallmark American 

Holidays the rest of the world knows little about.

That said I rolled up the sleeves and said let's get er done.  Mr. Sun
said not till I am done 

with you Hallmark Heathens and burped not once but twice on the bands so
bad that at times, I 

couldn't even hear the dog bark in the back yard.

First day (Friday PDT was well let's make hay on 15 early lest something
cruel does happen - and 

got a hundred in the log but I could tell it was like fishing for trout
and only catching 

whitefish instead.  The pickings and mults were thin.

Friday nite, I moved to 20 where it was at least semi-productive and
1-1/2 before JA 

sunset, i set the DB18 in that direction and began calling.  First JA
was a QRPer who I had 

worked on 15m so I thougt great there's is hope.  In that I wasn't going
to battle (with a very 

poor 80/160 alternative) in the low bands, 40 was going to be the
basement as it were.  Although 

noisey, the combinaton of ability of running the full 200w of the
FT-5000 (there is no LP 

category for outside Asia, so one doesn't have to watch the output so
carefully) and the gain of 

having a second element that is very directional was going to have to be
the LP effort as it 

were. Kept on 40m till even 14 toothpicks in both eyelids could not keep
them open and I called 

it a nite.

Slept till 1030 local and showered and found that 15 had a little life
to it (nothing on 10m the 

couple of times I checked [N0RR reported that Saturday nite about 2100
local he did work a JA 

who was calling CQ - but only one - while he was causually cruising 10.]
Hung with 15 till just 

after sundown but could tell most of the time that the influence of the
TWO CMEs and flare/storm 

activity on the Sun was dominating the picture.  A quick look at the
Solar info on the packet 

(yes Virginia, JARL says everyone can use packet without seperate status
- no
Assisted) pretty 

much told the continuing story of the weekend - SkyHigh A Index and
in"K"redable K numbers -

Worked 20m till hour before JA sunrise and then went to 40 as it seemed
less affected and stayed 

there till a shot of $tarbuck$ was needed at our sunrise. Came back home
and scoured 40 a couple 

of times to pick a few stragglers who never made it to my log.  

Sundays are always "fun" anyway but with the bands being so what could
one do. 
Well XYL said 

'bag it for a little while' and we headed off to iHOP with the daughter
and granddaughters. Upon 

returning and finding only one or two that I had not already worked on
20, I quit for the 

morning. Showered and was watching the US OPEN a bit (hitting the greens
at the Olympic was 

comparable to finding a mult on SUnday - next to impossible) when sleep
deprivation took over.

Got back on with 2 hours left to the contest calling on 15 and only 2
new stations called - 2 

others who called were dupes but one is happy to know that the watts is
goin somewhere's eh?

Oldest 'number' was 91 from 7J9AAD and youngest was 21 from Ja1ZFP.

That's All Folks - (Oh I wrote most of this while the CQ machine was
'exercising Sunday')

WN6K - Paul

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