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Richard J Norton, N6AA n6aa at arrl.org
Mon Jun 18 20:47:41 PDT 2012

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From: John Miller <webaron at gmail.com>
Date: Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 8:18 PM
Subject: Group Purchase: Honda EU200i Generator
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Hi Dick:

I forgot to include our SCCC cousins in my email earlier today.

Can you please circulate among Southern California Contest Club members and
have them contact me if they'd like to get on the purchase list?

My tentative cutoff date to finalize the order is Saturday, June 30, 2012.

Many thanks.

John, K6MM



This is an invitation to participate in a group purchase of the very
popular Honda EU2000i generator.  The EU2000i is widely used for Field Day,
camping, power outages and for emergency communication in the Field.  It
puts out stable, clean power -- with a very consistent sine wave signal.


Four years ago, I organized a successful group purchase of 56 of these
generators for several clubs in the Bay Area.  At that time, the cost was
$860 per unit including shipping..  Great product.  Great price.  Great
feedback from the owners.  There will be a ton of these deployed this
weekend for Field Day.

Recently Honda has modified the generator into an "eco friendly", CARB
compliant, 50-state model.  This new model has a new fuel tank with more
layers of material to help reduce evaporative emissions.

Since there is a renewed interest in this generator here in the Bay Area, I
contacted our Michigan supplier and asked for a quote on another group
purchase.  For an order of 10 or more units from us, they will ship this
generator to anyone's home -- including a high quality Honda silver storage
cover -- for a price of $848 per unit.  This is an even better deal.

For reference, Mayberry advertises the EU2000i in QST at $899 with free
shipping -- but this does not include the $20 storage cover.

I already have a list of 18 interested buyers, and although I'm
concentrating on the Bay Area, I thought I'd reach out to you guys and see
if there's any interest in joining us for this group purchase.

Basically, they'll send a personal check to the NCDXC Treasurer, who will
deposit all of them in the NCDXC checking account, and then do a single
wire transfer to our supplier -- SteadyPower in Michigan -- who will then
ship the units to everyone.  This is the processed used previously and it
worked very well.


If any of your club members is interested in getting on the order list,
have them email me as soon as possible -- and I'll follow up with further

John, K6MM
Wearing my NCDXC Generator Hat Today

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