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Can you please forward this to members of SCDXC, SDDXC, and SCCC?

I would like to get hotel room credit for all the pre-booked rooms at
the Marriott to help offset our Convention Center fee.

Many thanks.

John, K6MM


The IDXC meeting next year is being held at the Visalia Convention
Center.  We're essentially renting the entire center for the weekend.
To help offset our rather hefty fee, we receive a hotel rebate for
every night someone stays at a participating hotel.

One of those hotels is the Marriott.  Hotel room reservations for IDXC
2013 opened up last Monday, June 18 at 10:00 am, and in just a few
hours, the Marriott was completely booked using the Passkey online
reservation system.  That's a good thing, because we get a per-night
hotel rebate for all of those rooms.

Unfortunately, prior to June 18, several folks from both Northern and
Southern California "jumped the gun" and pre-booked a room at the
Marriott -- presumably to be sure they had a guaranteed room.  That's
not such a good thing because the reservation was made through
Marriott's normal reservation system, not through the Passkey system.

After speaking with the Marriott, they have agreed to give us rebate
credit for all those pre-booked rooms -- as long as we can provide
them with the names. Legally they can't tell us who pre-booked those
rooms, but if I compile a list they can check it against their
reservations, and give us the appropriate credit.

So -- pure and simple -- if you did pre-book a room at the Marriott
before June 18 please let us know, including the # of nights.

That way, we can add you to our master list, and the Marriott will
give us a rebate credit for every room night you stay there.


Thanks for your help -- much appreciated.

John, K6MM
Kevin, K6TD
2013 IDXC Co-Chairs

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