[SCCC] CA QSO Party 2012

RGrubic at aol.com RGrubic at aol.com
Sun Oct 7 19:01:40 EDT 2012

CA QSO Party  2012 
Call:  NC6Q 
Operator(s):  NC6Q 
Station: HOA  restricted QTH of NC6Q 
Time: the  whole weekend minus sleeping :) 
Class: Single  Op Low, CW 
QTH: Signal  Hill, CA 
Band     QSOs          
40           67 
20           11 
15         149 
10           51 
278            Totals Qs 
44            Mults 
Points:  36,696 
Club: Southern  California Contest Club 
Rig: Kenwood  TS-50 
Antenna:  multi-band attic dipole w manual antenna tuner, QTH altitude 
maybe 250 feet on  eastern slope of hill 
N3FJP logging  software 
Yep, the more  you actually practice, the slower everyone seems to send! 
After you get past the  CW, you start to ask how you can “fly” the keyboard 
more efficiently. Almost  like a video game when the runs are heavy. First 
time I EVER paid attention to  the Rate indicator. And, it was nice to work so 
many others with serial numbers  smaller than mine? :) 73

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