[SCCC] Henry 2K-3 Console Amplifier 4 Sale - Make Offer

Dennis Vernacchia n6ki73 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 03:00:54 EDT 2012

>From the estate of W6OTO a Classic Henry 2K-3 Amplifier

AS-IS   Pix available - Pickup in Escondido area.

When the two 3-500Z  tubes were checked out of amp by RF Parts
1 tube drawing grid current - No Good
Other is used with some output, so pretty much you are looking at a Deck

If interested e-mail Craig,  N6ATQ at hotmail.com for pix

Craig has NO WAY to test this amp out but if you are familiar with
Classic Henry amplifiers, you know these are easily resurrected

Craig will work with you to ascertain that Power Supply is functional
if you have a 220 VAC Source so you will know you don't have just a hunk of
steel !
Craig, a good friend of Len W6OTO (SK) and is helping his XYL liquidate
Craig has been very fair seeing that no one gets stuck with a non working
of gear so see what you can work out with him on a fair price upon YOUR
checkout of gear.

Plenty 3-500Zs still around used so maybe a inexpensive way to
get some more power on HF.

I have NO pecuniary interest in this matter.

73, Dennis N6KI

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