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Mon Oct 22 10:06:27 EDT 2012

My sincere thanks to all who helped us at the Firestone Scout Reservation  
JOTA operation of W6B last weekend.
Arnie The Indefatigable One, N6HC, was there throughout, lending us his  
talents. He was terrific dealing with the Scouts personally and on the  air.
KX6D, Dino, dropped by to see us at our location at the Trading Post. He  
had prior experience in trying to get a signal out from that challenging  
Tim, N6WIN, thought he might be able to visit us with his son, a Cub Scout. 
 If we do this again I hope they will be able to come.
Tim, N6GP, ran a separate JOTA operation with the Cubs up on the  mesa 
(much better location!), supported by the Cal Poly Pomona  ARC. Next time if we 
coordinate with them we all can benefit.
We have at least two Scouts now interested in becoming licensed.
The local hazards of rattlers, tarantulas, black widows and poison oak were 
 managed successfully, but the laws of Physics regarding propagation from 
the  bottom of a steep canyon were not overcome.
And now, for next weekend, a completely different operating  experience...
73 to all,
Chas., W6UM

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