PAUL DOREY wn6k at sbcglobal.net
Sun Oct 28 20:23:13 EDT 2012

CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB Call: WN6K
Operator(s): WN6K
Station: WN6K Class: SOAB LP
QTH: Vista, CA
Operating Time (hrs): 27 Summary: Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
------------------------------ 160:    0     0        0 80:    0     0        0 40:   34    15       21 20:   54    16       17 15:  185    23       54 10:  313    26       73
Total:  586    80      165  Total Score = 398,860 Club: Southern California Contest Club Comments: I am not sure what happened here but 10m started out with a bang and WAS the
money band but I think as a result, the other bands suffered as it seemed
desolate at times on the other bands. Perhaps there will be a lot of 10m only
entries?  I only counted 90 DXCC entities in the small log at the end. SSB is
always a tough go on 100w and there were times when I was tempted to reach up
and roll the output to 200 on the FT-5000 as it seemed I was ALWAYS 3dB below
getting an answer. The contest season is officially opened for the 2012/13 year. WN6K, Paul

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