PAUL DOREY wn6k at sbcglobal.net
Sun Apr 14 11:52:59 EDT 2013

JIDX CW Contest Call: WN6K
Operator(s): WN6K
Station: WN6K Class: SOAB LP
QTH: Vista, CA
Operating Time (hrs): 6:39 Summary: Band  QSOs  Mults
------------------- 160:    0     0 80:    0     0 40:   60    24 20:   17    13 15:  122    31 10:  101    28
Total:  300    96  Total Score = 38,496 Club: Southern California Contest Club Comments: This is a good contest to see if your incoming Bureau Cards Account is up to
snuff - XYl's birthday so limited time.   - 40m was at the dawn our our day and did not get back at the finish. I found 
- 20m hard to figure out... the few contacts I made were sneaking in a call
when the JAs were working other parts of the world but never was on at the
right opening for here I think.
-15m was fair but even though it was still open a bit when we got back from
dinner, I was chastised for QRMing but the complainer had no call when I asked
- that or he couldn't copy REAL CW perhaps. 
-10m was fairly good for an hour or so but hard to copy the weak ones. My
iPhone AP beeped off a CME hitting ariving at earth alert about 2330 and things
fell apart pretty rapidly about the time it was time to depart for dinner. Like this contest but never seem to have the weekend free - maybe change XYL's
birthday celebrations....ummm don't think that is going to happen.   WN6K, Paul

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