[SCCC] Fw: [cwops] FW: [PVRC] famed contester N6ND is SK

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I don't think the photo came through the reflector. With Paul's permission, 
I've added it to my web site www.NE6I.com . If others would like to send 
SCCC photos for inclusion, please email me off the list.  Paul's classic 
picture can be found here:


By the way, a special thanks to Ray, N6VR who recently sent me his entire 
collection of SCCC Bulletins. He had all of the 1989 and 1990s bulletins 
that I was missing (they may be hiding in my attic). I will be scanning 
these and adding them to the web site as time permits. I was just reading 
one of the 1994 bulletins where WA6OTU (now N5OT) was President. In it, Mark 
mentions this new thing called "the internet" that he had been reluctant to 
try. Modems scare him, he says. Well, he tried it, and liked it! Hi hi.


73, Dennis NE6I

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>I tagged along with WA6OTU (N5OT) on a camping trip to Tijuana where I met
> Rick, and was introduced to contesting. What a great guy!
> Here's the group photo.
> CQWW 10/84 XE2SI
> -Paul, N6LL
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>> Oh wow, that's sad news. Rick invited me to his place for a multi-multi
>> contest effort shortly after I moved to San Diego in 1989. It was much
>> appreciated as I was obviously new to the area.
>> Rick OM, KB in the great contest in the sky!
>> --Dennis NE6I
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>>> FYI
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>>> Just heard this from one of my SMC connections, that long time contester
>>> Rick Craig N6ND passed away last night after being in a coma.  For those
>>> of
>>> you who spent any time in SoCal in the 1980s and 1990s, Rick was a
>>> powerhouse in multi-op contesting from his Ramona Ranch.  IIRC, he had
>>> the
>>> first 200' tower in the county (for amateur purposes) and was an
>>> all-around
>>> great guy.
>>> Rick is also the uncle of perennial contester and Sprint guru - Dan 
>>> Craig
>>> N6MJ.
>>> 73 OM
>>> Rich NN3W
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