[SCCC] New Cabrillo file format?

Marty Woll n6vi at socal.rr.com
Mon Jun 10 18:28:29 EDT 2013

Hi, Jim.

The Cabrillo format has not changed.  Bruce's input form is designed to convert manual log data that you key in into a  Cabrillo-format file.  It has you use the "shorthand" date format of mm/dd for ease of manual input but outputs the proper yyy-mm-dd date format in the resulting Cabrillo file.  

If N1MM generates a Cabrillo file as one of its output options already (which I expect it does), you do not need Bruce's application, as you are not entering manual data.  Rather, you send that file directly to JuneVHF at arrl.org via e-mail.  When you think you have the log in the proper format for submission, feel free to send it for me to look over. 


Marty N6VI

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  Gang - I'm trying to submit my June VHF contest log using the CabForm (b4h.net), but its date format is different [6/8], rather than [2013-06-08] which is what N1MM generates. So I can't enter the log data, i.e. the cabform creates an error for every line.

  So is there a new version of Cabrillo that I need to use? My N1MM version isn't all that old!

  Will post my score and comments shortly.

  Tnx in advance for any help. 73 - Jim K6ZH / KG7NV

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