[SCCC] WN6K - All Asia CW

PAUL DOREY wn6k at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jun 17 12:30:50 EDT 2013

Call: WN6K
Operator(s): WN6K 
Station: WN6K
Class: SOAB HP
QTH: Vista, CA
Operating Time (hrs): 20 
Location: USA 
Summary:   Compare Scores 
Band QSOs Mults 
160: 0 0 
80: 0 0 
40: 194 71 
20: 275 94 
15: 292 87 
10: 4 4 
Total: 765 256 Total Score 196,864 
Club: Southern California Contest Club 
Comments:     2013-06-17 09:20:33 
Since the outside of Asian entries don't have a LP category, I ran my FTdx5000MP
at the whopping output of 200w for this one. 

Started out on 15m (after a quick look on 10m revealed -SHHHHHHHHH)and had a
few good runs on Friday evening.  Worked until early evening and got some sleep
to get back on in the early morning hours on Saturday morning on 20m. 

Saturday afternoon, there were some sporadic openings (for me) on 10m and the
signals were weak and rapid QSB so again spent little time there. 15m did not
sound as good as the first day was but hung there till 20m time... stayed on
till the greyline approached JA and switched to 40m till about 0500 PDT when
sleepiness became the priority. 

Since the family had a Father's Day event planned, I hit the sack for a quick
nap and wrapped up this year's entry.  Score (for me) was just a bit short of
last year's entry but still had fun all the same. 

Since I have been doing mostly JT65 work the past few weeks here, CW was a
lightning mode in comparison.  A note about some of the operating here... 

I send the 'worked' station's call on my report OUT and find that if I made a
mistake of a letter that the JAs are great about taking the time to correct you
so that your log will be closer to Golden.  Although obtaining the Golden Log is
nice, I still always have a few 'scratches on the jewelry' when the UBNs arrive
(don't thing the AA does this though) but getting things 'right' was more of my
goal in this one. 

See everyone on in FD (WB6BFG @ Lake Henshaw) next weekend. 

WN6K, Paul 

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