[SCCC] SSCW W6RFU School Club

Steve Long ac6t_2 at verizon.net
Sun Nov 3 23:18:17 EST 2013

Call: W6RFU
Operator(s): AC6T
Station: W6RFU

Class: School Club HP
Operating Time (hrs): 11

Summary:   Compare Scores
Band    QSOs
80:    23
40:    91
20:    239
15:    322
10:    66
Total:    741    Sections    83    Total Score    123,006

Limited time available to operate in SSCW this year. Originally K6QD and 
I were
planning a full time multi-op HP entry from W6RFU, but the stupid Isla Vista
halloween fiasco closed down the campus for any visitor parking. (I 
think UCSB
must be the only "party school" with 5 Nobel prize winners on
the faculty....) Anyway, given the circumstances, I decided to do a 
school club entry myself for
about half time. Good rate and lots of activity.

This may set a new SW division School Club record (I didn't hear W6UE 
on, so I might be lucky).

BTW, is there an I hate N1MM support group around?  I was too short of 
time to install Wintest and I regretted it immediately.

Steve AC6T

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