[SCCC] CQ WW SSB Contest

JOHN SCHROEDER n6qq at msn.com
Mon Nov 4 03:24:34 EST 2013

Reflector.                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB

Call: N6QQ
Operator(s): KD6HYN N6QQ
Station: N6QQ

Class: M/S HP
Operating Time (hrs): 29.5

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
   80:   42    15       20
   40:  184    30       92
   20:  199    35      111
   15:  232    37      121
   10:  427    34      123
Total: 1084   151      467  Total Score = 1,830,046

Club: Southern California Contest Club


At last, great conditions on 10 meters.  Finally broke my record of 2011.
427 Q's and 123 countries on 10 meters alone.

Worked a total of 144 countries in 38 zones.  Missed zones 22 and 39.

3 Band DXCC was something new for me.  Missed DXCC on 40 meters by 8

One highlight, working 7O2A (Yemen).  ARRL has already approve this operation.

Operation was at N6MXU QTH.
Rig: IC-7800, Alpha 87A, Monster SteppIR and 80 a meter dipole.

Linda, KD6HYN was a second operator.  It was fun watching her operated under my
Call.  No question that a female voice does help in making QSO's.

Does look like we are having a second top in this sun spot cycle.

Overall, my 2013 DXCC total is 258.  My projection, should hit 265 countries by
the end of the year.

Now on to CQ WW CW Contest.  The 27 day rotation of the Sun should hit about
the right time for great conditions.

John, N6QQ


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