Ray Day rayday at cox.net
Mon Nov 11 23:25:59 EST 2013

                    WAE DX Contest, RTTY


Call: N6HE

Operator(s): N6HE

Station: N6HE


Class: Single Op HP

QTH: So Calif

Operating Time (hrs): 15



Band      QSOs    QTCs  Mults


          80:    14          0         7

          40:    31          0       16

          20:    89         10      29

          15:   128        130    44

          10:    20          0        13


Total:       282         140   109  Total Score = 104,656


Club: Southern California Contest Club




Lotsa fun, but the pile of dirt to my NE (about 30 degrees elevation of
dirt!) really limits me. Many sigs only needed an S-Unit or two more to be
workable by me. Low wires, too. Given the dirt, maybe that's a good thing?
TenTec Omni VII, SB220 at 500W, Writelog. Love the QTC thing on RTTY!

1. What are those guys doing such that it takes them 5 seconds to 

   start transmitting when it's their turn?

2. Managed 140 QTC's out of 282 QSO's. Where were the JA's when

   you needed them? (JIDX?) Only heard the JA big guns...

3. Computer locked up right in the middle of QTC's from a CE1 - after

   quite a few fills, too. Just as I got them all, FREEZE! Arrggghhhh!

4. "5NN"? Har! Repeating 599 3 times with the serial number? Har!

5. Not sending 599 at all? Should we break the news to them? 

6. I was recieving QTC's from a JA when I had major QRM - constant - 

   must have been unanswered CQ's... told him sorry, was not going to

   work. So he sends, "QRV QRV Please send now!" So I sent the QTC's

   Very cool on his part, yes?

7. Needed 5 hands to do the WAE RTTY as well as work 5J0R, T33A, and K9W

   on all their band-modes, too. Jeez.... Amazing I didn't blow something


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