[SCCC] SCCC wins another gavel

Wayne Overbeck overbeck6 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 20 06:00:49 EST 2013

The results of the 2013 August UHF contest are now online at 
ARRL.org, and SCCC won the club competition.  Unlike the 
June VHF contest, in which SCCC just barely outscored the 
Potomac Valley Radio Club (by 30K out of 1.3 million points), 
this one was a blowout.

SCCC had 1.1 megapoints.  The next highest club aggregate 
score was about 250K.

Our score came mostly from rovers.  N6NB had the top 
rover score, followed by KI6FGV and the family duo of N6EY 
and N6KYS.  Sharing a station under the family rule for the first 
time (they were married three weeks before the contest), they 
tied for third nationally.  Another married couple, W6TTF and 
WA6TTF, tied for sixth.

The UHF contest has only included a club competition for five 
years, but SCCC has now won four gavels in this contest.
Surely the rules will be changed soon!

Wayne, N6NB

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