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Gang - Bud, N7CW, and I joined Jack OA4TT (a.k.a. N6XQ) at Jack's FB QTH a couple of hours south of Lima.  We ran a 3-element SteppIR on 40 through 10, and verticals on 80 and 160.  Bud also brought 10 and 15 meter Moxons for the mult. station.  Radios were a K3 + Kenwood TL-922B amp (run station) and an IC-756 PRO II + KPA500 amp for the mult. station.  
Prior to the contest Bud and I were on for a good part of 4 days, running stations; between the 2 of us we made almost 5000 Qs.  I personally made over 1000 QSOs on 12 meter CW alone!  The EU pileups were amazing - 80 to 10.  Good practice, I guess, for the contest, but I can only hear what I can hear at any given time!  
Tnx VERY much to Jack, his lovely wife Judy, and Judy's sister Ingrid for hosting us in style!!  We had a wonderful experience - including some 'touristing time.'  
Cheers / 73 - Jim, OA4/K6ZH, part of OC4CW team

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                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW

Call: OC4CW
Operator(s): K6ZH N7CW OA4TT
Station: OA4TT

Class: M/S HP
QTH: Peru
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:   13     9       13
   80:  219    26       76
   40:  488    33       99
   20: 1123    35      114
   15: 1918    38      142
   10: 1604    34      130
Total: 5365   175      574  Total Score = 11,838,694



Thanks to Jack, OA4TT and his incredible XYL, Judy for hosting Jim, K6ZH and me.
 It was an awesome visit.

It was clear that not everyone had done their homework to note that OC4CW would
be on the air - some folks just couldn't figure it out.  Thanks to everyone who
stuck with us and thanks to everyone else for a great contest.

73, Bud  N7CW

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