Randy Johnson randyj at loan-wolf.com
Tue Nov 26 19:15:17 EST 2013

 W6SJ's Contest Summary Report for CQ-WW

I was Cherry Picking and was eager to try to pick up some new entities. 
I DID get one, but only one, Swaziland.  Hoped for entities like 4L, 9H, 9X, EY and a few others never materialized in my RX tho maybe I was not on at the right time.  
I was pleased to get 200 multipliers in 201 QSOs.

IC-2KL @500 watts
vertical antennas, all bands. (not contest antennas and I am always a little shocked when they DO work! Being the last guy in the pileup is over-rated.)
Did not bother with extra antenna for 80 and 160 given my objective

All in all, I had fun and each contact was a pleasure, the way ham radio should be. 
 Total Contacts = 201
 Total Points = 111,800

 Total Contacts by Band 
   40       49          
   20       27       
   15       92       
   10       33       
            --   -----    
 Total     201       

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