[SCCC] San Diego County Tower Owners Info Needed

Bob Wilson N6HB at n6hb.org
Sun Feb 2 14:29:27 EST 2014

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> The info may be used to be educate the Poway City Council and tower
> opposition groups to give them a clue that there are VERY FEW TOWERS
> installed, that there are very few towers over 50 Ft and that if Poway
were to
> approve a usable tower height ( and I think the Poway hams are proposing
> 65 ft) that these installations are not going to be sprouting like weeds
> every city block and the cost of tower height is an exponential curve with
> towers over 50 ft being VERY COSTY and few and far between !
The results of this e-mail survey will only represent feedback from the
people reached by it, and only those who responded. It won't prove a thing
to city council. To have any meaningful data, would require researching
permits at the Clerk of Courts office for every municipality within the
county (or area of interest within the county). Granted, this will be
considerably more work, but it is public information.


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