[SCCC] ARRL DX CW, forgot to note my operating time

Jess Guaderrama w6len at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 16 15:44:42 EST 2014

A super contest weekend. Had a great time running 100 watts and a 
vertical. My biggest kick was popping down on 80 meters and knocking off CN2AA. Couldn't hear anyone else but he was like a beacon on all bands.
Lots of weird new prefixes out there.

I had to knock early because I had forgotten that I had promised my 
grand daughter a movie on Sunday after, that's one date that I wouldn't 
want to break. 

I sure do miss my quad and big amp, but ya gotta work with wat ya got. 
Living in a retirement community sort of limits what I can get up. 

Sure hope that this helps the club score. 

Band   QSO's  Multipliers 

10        97         46
15        69         31
20        47         30
40        32         18
80          3           2

total      248      127
Claimed score  94488

Total Operating time   16 Hours 34 Minutes 

Jess Guaderrama 
e-qsl or via buro only
Huntington Beach California

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