[SCCC] Questions for the experts

NK6A-Don Minkoff cowchip at ca.rr.com
Mon Feb 17 12:52:28 EST 2014

I have a few questions for you contesting experts regarding the ARRL 
contest from this past weekend.  I didn't think I was such a novice at 
this since I have been doing it for a long time but...

Why did a Puerto Rico station not give me a power level?  He kept 
signing PR. I thought that counted as DX.  Also, one station gave me a 
00 for the power.  I thought I knew cut numbers but not a zero zero.  
Was that a lazy 100?  Do I just use 00 in my log?

Then there are the stations sending at over 40 WPM or not giving there 
call for a long time.

I operated about 11 hours through back pain one day and a cold. 
Conditions were great on10 and 15 meters. Even late yesterday afternoon 
on 20 I was able to work into Europe. 401 total Q's.

Don, NK6A,

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