[SCCC] W6UE as W1AW/6

David Hodge davidchodge at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 22 19:34:43 EST 2014

Just a quick summary of Caltech's (W6UE) participation in the W1AW/6 project.

A big tip of the hat to Glenn, K6NA, for the FB organization and implementation of said.

Kate, K6HTN, could not participate as planned thanks to the flu. You were missed, Kate.
Mike, W4EF, would have made time to help, I am sure, but was at work in VE3.

Paul, N6LL, made a 2 hour cameo appearance and put 311 QSOs in the 20 meter SSB log.

Merv, N6NO, was a work horse with many band/time slots operated. Thank you, Merv!!

7CW-    99
28CW- 68

David, N6AN, managed several band/time slots as well, mixing CW and SSB.

7CW-     91
7PH-      24
10CW- 577
14PH-  376
18CW- 337
21CW- 149
21PH-  416
24CW-   39
24PH-    57
28PH-  450
TOT-  2516

I wish I'd had the time and energy to be active as one of the ARRL DX CW stations. Hopefully,
you all will be sharing your experiences and results.
Because we only logged RS(T) I have no DX stats. 
The first two hours on 20 meters were unforgettable!
On phone I answered many, many questions, helped adjust dozens of less than ideal audios,
and, with the exception of one irate ham on 10 who felt I had QRMed him (I QSYed anyway), 
found folks to be very courteous and thankful for what we were doing. Those who had no clue
what was going on seemed receptive to my explanation and suddenly interested in joining the
pursuit of W1AW/X.
I look forward to a future opportunity.
David N6AN


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