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One of the ways to possibly accomplish this goal with a practical solution
is for ARRL or SCCC type clubs nationwide, to either ask for funding
through member dues or regional area ( ARRL Sections etc) donations and use
the money to print pamphlets listings volunteers ( ie., local Contesters
and serious DXers) with well equipped stations and effective antenna
systems, who are available to mentor new hams or any ham interested in
improving their EMCOMM skills.

These pamphlets  which would be available at all amateur licensing test
sessions nationwide, would invite new hams to contact HF & VHF contestors &
DXers in their areas to request an invite  to participate in upcoming
contests or DXing activity.

These pamphlets should also be available at all USA brick and mortar stores
that have bulletin boards or if not, the store corporate or local managers
coulf be asked if pamphlets be available on store counters or existing
equipment brochure kiosks.

Also store employees could be educated by corporate info or store managers
that contesters ( and serious DXERS)  most probably spend more money on
gear than the average new ham who stay at technician level with only the
purchase of a handheld and sometimes a mobile VHF/UHF unit.

73, Dennis N6KI

Also SCCC active contesters and their counterparts nationwide should
consider doing Contesting 101 presentations at local clubs and also RACES
and ARES meetings.

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On Feb 27, 2014 10:39 AM, "Jim Forsyth" <jim at af6o.com> wrote:

> Why Public Service-Oriented Hams Should Participate in Contests - N6VI
> Below is the preamble that Marty asked to be sent along with this
> announcement:
> 73 Jim, AF6O
> /New Blood: Getting "Emcomm" Hams to Try Contesting/
> //
> /Along with the general concern over the graying of Amateur Radio, many
> contesters see the contact pool aging and eventually dwindling.  Even
> though total licensing in the U.S. has risen, roughly half of all U.S. Hams
> today are Technician-class licensees who may never be exposed to contesting
> unless contesters get them interested.   We can do ourselves some good
> while helping our recruits become more skilled operators if we practice
> some outreach.  To that end, I have prepared the accompanying article, and
> I encourage you to share it with local "emcomm" groups and individuals.
>  Many of you have done a great job of bringing in newcomers by providing
> guest-op chairs at your contest stations or by coaching GOTA operators at
> your local Field Day.  Here's one way to cast the net a bit wider. /
> //
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