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SCCC Members/Followers,

This brings up a sore subject to me that comes back every 5 or so years.
The ARRL contests have a general rule:

3.1.All operators must observe the limitations of their operator licenses
and station licenses at all times.

We wanted to sit (as control op) with some new hams during the ARRL SSB (as
Multi-Op at our club station) one year back in about 1989/90 and this rule
got pointed out by one of our operators who actually read the rules
carefully (good thing to do and everyone should do that).  I could not
believe it but we ended up not having the new hams operate (may have even
skipped the effort as a multi-op). 

I petitioned the ARRL/CAC, got the rule removed for I think one year, maybe
2 (would have been in the 1990-93 period ).  When we were ready to try again
we looked at the latest rules and it was back.  I argued again without avail
this time.  I did get a reply (e-mail and letter in those days) from John
Hennessee, KJ4KB, Regulatory Specialist for ARRL.  Copy is around the
internet (since nothing ever disappears), but there is a good third party
discussion on K1TTT that has it copied (link below or Google search John and
my name/callsign together also).  I could probably resurrect my original
arguments but let's just say, basically I said this rule exceeds the FCC
rules and is not necessary and just limits encouraging contesting to young
hams.  Got a little push-back on the "exceeds FCC rules" part because of
third party hence the ARRL ruling letter saying I was right.  Remember this
started before Tech had 10M SSB and there were still new Novices and code
was required so many were General class that were only limited in their code
(most are now Extras with the code requirement gone).

Some letters/notes: http://www.k1ttt.net/technote/legalops.html

Dan Violette, KI6X

OK, done for 5 years unless someone wants to work with the CAC again.  I
could not even get lower level license ops to operate as W1AW/6 with someone
sitting there helping so multi-op contesting with them does not stand a
chance at our club these days.

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Wow!  Marty, you hit this out of the park.  Thanks for writing it, and Jim--
thanks for posting!

If any of us know of some potential Technician Class candidates for this, we
should strike while the iron (I mean Ten Meters) is hot!  Give them a
demo... Get them started working stations on this band, and they will be

73, Glenn K6NA

At 09:38 AM 2/27/2014, you wrote:
>Why Public Service-Oriented Hams Should Participate in Contests - N6VI
>Below is the preamble that Marty asked to be sent along with this
>73 Jim, AF6O
>/New Blood: Getting "Emcomm" Hams to Try Contesting/
>/Along with the general concern over the graying of Amateur Radio, many 
>contesters see the contact pool aging and eventually dwindling.  Even 
>though total licensing in the U.S. has risen, roughly half of all U.S. 
>Hams today are Technician-class licensees who may never be exposed to 
>contesting unless contesters get them
>interested.   We can do ourselves some good while helping our 
>recruits become more skilled operators if we practice some outreach.  
>To that end, I have prepared the accompanying article, and I encourage 
>you to share it with local "emcomm" groups and individuals.  Many of 
>you have done a great job of bringing in newcomers by providing 
>guest-op chairs at your contest stations or by coaching GOTA operators 
>at your local Field Day.  Here's one way to cast the net a bit wider. /
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