[SCCC] YouTube video of KH6HME beacons

Wayne Overbeck via SCCC sccc at contesting.com
Sat Jul 5 07:13:01 EDT 2014

A pretty good VHF opening from California to Hawaii is 
underway.  A lot of people seem to be hearing the 144
and 432 MHz beacons quite well.  Chip M. posted 
a video on Facebook of the signal he was receiving from 
Hawaii on two meters.  That made me realize just how 
good this tropo opening is.

Here's a short video of the KH6HME 144 and 432 MHz 
beacons as heard at N6NB near Tustin, CA just after midnight 
on July 5, 2014.


(Don't delete the period in youtu.be)

There may well be propagation to Hawaii on 1296 as well, but I'm
hearing only very loud radar, not KH6HME.  I believe the radar is coming
from Hawaii because:  1) it peaks up in that direction; 2) it fades
up and down in signal strength at the same rate as the 432 beacon;
and 3) there's not normally any radar signal coming from that direction.

73, Wayne, N6NB

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